What Style!

Married on 4th May 2013, Dayna and Bianca chose a rustic rural setting of the Boyd Baker at  Baccus Marsh.  Here’s what they said….

Bianca wrote: “Thanks Craig Anderson! You were so fantastic. We really appreciated every word you shared and your gorgeous heart! Would love to catch up sometime soon to give you a massive thank you hug. Xx”

Dayna & Bianca

By Craig Anderson

I am retired Pastor of the Infinity Church in South Morang in Melbourne Victoria, Australia. I completed 42 years of continuous full time Christian Ministry in 12th June 2022.
I am the Whittlesea Police Chaplain, a former member on the National Executive of the International Network of Churches (Formerly COC), a church planting movement in Australia and worldwide. You can find INC at I now serve as a mentor and coach to Christian leaders and work also as a mediator and leadership coach.

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