Pre-Marriage Education


The Leading Relationship Assessment and Skills-Building Program

PREPARE/ENRICH is the leading relationship assessment and skills-building program used nationally and internationally, built on a solid research foundation and proven to significantly improve a couple’s relationship. The Customised Version of the inventory developed in 2009, assesses a broad range of couple functioning dimensions and is an excellent tool to help couples have a better understanding about what they may expect from a successful, happy and rewarding marriage relationship (Cleal, Jennifer 2011: Customised PREPARE/ENRICH Australia and ‘Consent’: Threshold Magazine, August 2011).

Pre-marriage education is a wonderful step to build your relationship stronger. Studies show that pre-marriage education can reduce the chance of divorce later by up to 50%! While many couples spend $10-20,000 on their wedding day, (THAT’S 24 HOURS!) how much do they spend on their marriage that lasts a lifetime? I am a fully qualified trained facilitator for the Prepare- Enrich

If you would like to engage in the Prepare-Enrich process, the cost is $46 when you log on to do the questionnaire and later $300 for three meetings with me each lasting about 1.25 hours.

What will happen if you would like to go ahead? – I will submit your two email addresses to the Prepare-Enrich website. Then they will send a link to you to commence the survey questionnaire. You do this separately. Make sure each of you answer using you own link not one link for both of you. One of you will need to make a process payment of $46 to start the survey process. When you have both completed the survey, the website will let me know. Then we can schedule the first meeting for you both with me.

I will send you an invoice to cover my fee for the three meetings. Looking forward to catching up with you soon for the first meeting. These are fun times of learning! There’s lots of laughs in the learning!

All the best, — call me right now to start the process – 0412 118750

Catch you soon.

Kind regards,

Craig Anderson